Essay on A Psychological Study Of Prison Life

1998 Words Dec 19th, 2015 8 Pages
You just got accepted to your dream college and have enthusiastically spent all week packing all your articles, and now you are driving hours on end to your new residence, a college dorm in Stanford, California, on the Stanford University campus. You are so thrilled, but also nervous, to start a new adventure here in California. It’s your first day and you are eager to go to your classes and become that college student you’ve pictured for what seems like forever. While walking through the campus a newspaper on the ground catches your eye. You pick it up with curiosity and notice an ad that seemed to shout at you with the big bold letters, “MALE STUDENTS NEEDED: to participate in a psychological study of prison life. $15 per day 1-2 weeks, beginning Aug. 14. Further information and applications may be obtained in rm-248 Jordan Hall.” Thoughts of the current lack of finances in the bank get you thinking, this could be a great opportunity to make a quick couple of bucks, so hey, why not? It’s decided, so you head to room 248 and apply. Congratulations! You are one of 24 other applicants that got accepted out of more than 70 applicants, and it all starts. By a random draw, you get chosen to be a prisoner. Lucky you. You are blindfolded and are lead to a “prison.” The applicants who were chosen to be guards, strip you of your clothes. They make trifling remarks of your genitalia, amused of the reaction that they see from your confused expressions. You are given orders to go into…

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