A Professor Of History At California State University Essay

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A Professor of History at California State University, Long Beach, Hugh Wilford has authored four books. He was awarded the 2014 Washington Institute Book Prize for this work. For America’s Great Game he draws information from a previously untapped source of personal papers and memoirs of CIA agents and declassified government documents. With his three larger than life characters with a thirst for adventure Wilford draws up a story of Kim and Archie Roosevelt, grandsons of President Teddy Roosevelt along with Miles Copeland creating the Modern Middle East. These three men were given cart de blanch with the Arabists movement and they failed miserably. Committed to channeling the nationalization spreading across the Middle East benefiting America the trio forged ties with military and political officials throughout the region. It was a very exciting time to be a spy.
Relatively little has been written about CIA operations in the 1940′s and 50′s. Hugh Wilford’s America’s Great Game draws on personal interviews, papers, and declassified documents of former operatives and their contacts. It explores the intrigue of the support and then plot to overthrow Arab nationalists Gamal ‘Abdel Nasser. In the book the unbelievably larger than life Lawrence of Arabia styled trio leading CIA pro-Arab Miles Copeland, and the Roosevelt cousins Kermit “Kim” Jr and Archie. Kim Roosevelt was the first head of CIA covert action in the Middle East. Depending on who you ask he may or may not have…

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