A Problem With Student Dress Codes Essay

1447 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
Another significant problem with student dress codes is that they are only temporary fixes to major problems such as stereotyping, bullying, violence, and substandard grades. These problems need to be faced each individually and with a specific set of instruments in order to effectively counteract the destruction these problems can cause. One must attack the seed of each problem destroying the roots to make sure said problem never occurs again. When one looks at a student and says he cannot achieve simply based on his dress then the problem of stereotyping is at hand. In order to fight this problem we need to attack one 's thinking. We need to teach our students that judging someone based off looks is the wrong action, and that we should rather judge someone on their works and character. Simply looking at outside appearances will not help one make a decision on the character of a person. While dress codes do help with the perception of the student, if we could teach to look at the inside character of someone rather than what they are wearing the need for dress codes would simply cease to exist(Herbon,2000). Studies have shown that dress codes reduce bullying in schools, with some reporting it reduced it 's bullying to as low as 64%("School Uniforms - ProCon.org," 2014). While this is an important factor in the reduction of bullying among schools, if one taught how to appreciate others for their differences and to judge based off of character then bullying would be…

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