A Political Theory Of Che Guevara Essay

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A political theory one would use to understand problems in the government would be pure Marxism, not communism in the form in which it has failed horribly. One would also reference the work of Che Guevara, although one does not care for the actions he took under Castro, and consider them horrendous. His later work was worthy of would reference for a political theory and would be good for guidelines to follow. Naomi Wolfe would also be a person that one would use for politics. She has pointed out a lot issues that many Americans do not want to deal with.
All of this would come to use with the paradigms set up by the democrats and republicans as reference points, and also other paradigms that have more common for reference points. History would be the greatest teacher for forming a political theory, because many things have happened that have shaped this country into what it is today, and a lot of blood was spilt on its grounds in the process. But how one interprets it has to be factual and for so many they assume what they learned in elementary school to be factual. For instance, little is known about the Native American genocide, and most of us see it as “Manifest Destiny”. History is also often written by those who are the victors, and it is therefore our responsibility to read history and look for the truths in it and learn from them so they do not repeat themselves. An example would be how Hitler used the Native American reservations as a model for the…

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