A Piece Of Cake By Cupcake Brown Essay

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A Piece of Cake is a sincere and wonderfully written autobiography by author Cupcake Brown. Her memoir is one that tells the riveting story of her as a young African American woman going through tough times and ends with her finding herself and pulling her life together. Through the experiences presented in her book, she gave an inside look to readers about African American culture, conflict and violence, self-esteem. The story follows a plot line of a little girl whom at first has a great life; her family, although not together, is happy. La’Vette (better known as Cupcake) goes to a nice school, has a good home life, and loves her “mama” dearly. However, when La’Vette awakes one morning wondering why her mama’s alarm clock is screeching and no one has woken her up, she is shocked when she walks into her mother’s room and finds her slumped off the bed, dead of an epileptic seizure. Shortly after the death of her beloved mama, La’Vette soon finds herself in her own personal nightmare. She finds out that her “daddy” is not her biological father, and gets sucked out of her life in San Diego to be placed with her biological father. Her father, Mr. Burns, dumped La’Vette and her younger brother off with a woman named Diane, said he would be back for them later, and never returned. La’Vette and her brother no sooner got to Diane’s house before the physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse began. La’Vette finally decided she had enough of the abuse and ran away, deciding to go by…

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