A Personal Revolution In Charles Dickens 'A Tale Of Two Cities'

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1. The ability to love is an innate trait of mankind because love naturally derives from the empathy people feel for one another.
2. Authentic love empowers individuals to respect themselves and one another, breakdown their personal barriers, and welcome everything and everyone.
3. The support of creates through love results in a formidable strength, allowing mankind to uncover the truth and embodying the hope that makes life worth the struggle.
4. As shown through A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, love for another and for oneself can ultimately give mankind the potential for redemption.
5. THESIS: Sydney Carton undergoes a personal revolution, transforming from a broken man to a hero by using his love for Lucie as
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TS 1: Carton is initially unhappy because he wallows in self-pity and wrongly convinces himself of his own incompetency.
2. QUOTE 1: His melancholy is apparent when he feels that he’s nothing but “a disappointed drudge because [he] cares for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for [him]” (70).
3. While Carton is introduced as the brooding alcoholic in Darnay’s trial, he is the one person who saves the case in a moment of sureness and total wisdom.
4. His brilliance is apparent, yet his lack of effort reflects his resentment towards himself and his alienation form the rest of the world.
5. Rather than becoming who he has potential to be, Carton rather sulks by himself.
6. Carton is the epitome of a “big-picture” thinker, where he ponders the purpose of life and how his life can have meaning.
7. His actions are completely dictated by existential, but self-pitiful reflections.
8. QUOTE 2: He is utterly convinced that his background makes him unfit for both the life he is capable of leading and for Lucie because “the way of age determines who succeeds and who fails” (17).
9. He lives entirely in his own head.
10. However, what he sees and understand intuitively within himself is much more pure and perfect than the reality of the world and of his relationship with
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No one can be fully reachable by outside minds, but Carton’s selfless his death finally shows his secret to all.
10. Sydney’s love for Lucie becomes a form of loyalty.
11. In a paradoxical way, Lucie is actually a great match for Carton.
12. While Carton is wrapped up in his fantasy, Lucie’s platonic love and empathy for Carton doesn’t overcome her pragmatism.
13. Still, she is a fierce defender of Carton because she realizes his inner beauty.
14. She, the perfect golden thread, is completely aware of her happiness and recognizes the reality that most aren’t as perfect as she is.
15. Through her encouragement and support help, his dedication ultimately humanizes both himself and Lucie.

Paragraph 3:
1. TS 3: Carton’s love for Lucie inspires him to make the ultimate sacrifice, showing his true heroic nature.
2. Carton becomes a selfless martyr whose death allows Lucie to be happy.
3. In addition to securing Lucie’s happiness, this action is also Carton’s final and last attempt to learn to love him.
4. Through this act, he finds meaning in his own life, transforming him from the once self-pitying alcoholic to someone who is remembered and

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