Essay on A Personal Experience Of God

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The Bible is important in many ways. It spreads the Word of God, and has caused many projects to be built, such as building hospitals, or charities to cease world hunger. The Bible has indeed inspired many people to carry out what God has wanted for us to accomplish. Inside the Bible, many themes have been displayed and messages have been revealed from God. An example of this would be freedom. God wanted the people of Earth to understand the true meaning of freedom and how people can take it for granted. Aside from the Bible spreading God’s Word and messages for us to live by, versus help motivate people to live by his word and teachings. A personal experience of God’s Word that was involved in my life, would have been when I was in sixth grade, in Social Studies class. I had learned about numerous countries throughout the world that do not have the same freedoms, as the citizens here in the United States. One thing that is important to Christians and those who read the Bible, is worship. Worship helps everyone grow in faith and is the central thing we all do. It unites everyone together to speak and voice God’s grace and faith. For us, it occurs every Sunday and Confirmation occurs every Wednesday. On those worship days, people come together grow and talk about His word, as well as speaking about verses from the Bible. They have inspired people to be the best they can be, including me. Good News, or the Gospel, have the same meaning, they are just different titles. It is…

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