Essay on A Perfect World Of Film And Cinema Today

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In the world of film and cinema today, image and sound are consistently shown to have an intertwined relationship. Often times, the images shown off screen are seemingly meaningless without the sounds surrounding them, and vice versa. In a perfect world, these two aspects of film are combined to complement the story that is being presented, as each brings a side to the story that the other cannot provide. The way that sound is used can often evoke a different meaning to the image on the screen. When sound is used correctly in a film, it is meant to bring out emotion from the viewer about the images shown on-screen. For example, when a character is showing emotion on screen, often times music played to match this emotion can help the viewer to really feel what the character feels. As shown in L’Avventura, the non-diegetic music, the diegetic natural sounds, and the speaking of the characters throughout the film are used to evoke emotions in the viewer about the images shown on-screen.

Supporting Argument #1: Non-Diegetic Music In the film L’Avventura, Non-Diegetic music is used often throughout the film, most importantly in the scene where Anna first goes missing on the island. This music is used to evoke a slight fear in the viewer that Anna may not ever be found.
Without the music, the viewer would not feel the urgency of the search for Anna that he or she feels when the music combines with the characters frantic searching around the island. There are many shots in this…

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