`` A Passage Of India `` By Don 't Judge Someone Based On Their Skin Color, Religion,

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Don 't judge someone based on their skin color, religion, gender or cultural background, those people may be the nicest of all. “A Passage to India” is realistic fiction novel twentieth century novel written by E.M Forster. Novel takes place in India, during the British colonial era. It is very apparent in the beginning of the novel that there racial tensions between the British and Indians. Religion takes its place and women even face challenges in their current society, in this novel. It is a story of two entirely different nations; the British, who currently control all of India, and Indians have no choice but to deal with their captors, who put aside their differences to form a life changing bond and develop a lifelong friendship with each other. In “A Passage to India”, the women play a significant role in forming friendships between the British and Indians.

In A Passage to India, women play a very important role in creating lasting friendships between the Indians and the British. Mrs. Moore, specifically is important in creating this friendship. It is Mrs. Moore who approaches Dr. Aziz first inside of the mosque. The two immediately spark a friendship and as they depart, going their separate ways, Mrs. Moore tells Aziz,“You understand me, you know what others feel. Oh, if others resembled you!”(Forster 21) Mrs. Moore believes that she and Aziz alike on a character based leve. "Rather surprised, she replied: "I don 't think I understand people very well. I only know…

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