Essay about A Party Down At The Square

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A Party down at the Square is a story of a young boy who witness a lynching. The young boy is staying over at a family member house. When a group of man came and told our narrator uncle that there was going to be a party down in the square. Our narrator was told by his uncle to come. Like most people I thought that it was an actually party. We learn that when the narrator should up there was no music and people where angry. During all this they had a storm going on outside. That cause an airplane to crash into some powerlines. Even after all the madness they still turned their attention back to the young man. Our narrator forces himself to watch the young black guy burn to death. Our narrator didn’t want to watch it he said “… and I had enough. I didn’t want to see anymore. I wanted to run somewhere and puke, but I stayed” (Ellsion 129).

The next day our narrator does full sick. His uncle made fun of him saying “the gutless wonder from Cincinnati” (Ellsion 131) he also told him “you get used to it in time.”(Ellsion 131) When the rain finally stops 3 days later our narrator is at the story and over hear a white sharecropper talking about the lynching. He told them that “it didn’t’ do no good to kill the niggers ‘cause things don’t get better.” (Ellsion 131). They told him shut his mouth and he did. We end our story with the narrator talking about how tough the young nigger was.

Ralph Ellison was a 20th century African American writer and scholar know best for his…

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