Essay on A & P By John Updike And Araby

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Digging a Little Deeper with Theme
In the short stories, “A & P” by John Updike and “Araby” by James Joyce, both have themes that are affected by all the pieces of a story. These stories help reveal what people are doing for others. The components of literature such as character, point of view, and setting all contribute to the theme of the story.
In the short story “A & P” the two major themes are don’t let others influence your decisions and equality between genders. The setting for this story is somewhere between 1950 and 1970. You can tell this story takes place several decades signified by how low prices were for example, “KingFish Fancy Herring Snacks in Pure Sour Cream: 49¢” (Updike 433). Females during this time period were more limited to what they could and couldn’t do, women were not able to walk around in their swimsuit. The characters present in the story help show how things are perceived. Almost all of the men in the store would stop and stare at the girls in the swimsuits but the women barely noticed. “All that was left us to see was old McMahon patting his mouth and looking after them sizing up their joints.” (Updike 432). Sam, who tells the story likes the girls and thinks they are being treated unfairly when they are asked to leave because they are only wearing swimsuits. Sam tells his manager he quits, and his manager tries to convince him otherwise. “Lengel sighs and begins to look very patient and old and gray. He’s been a friend of my parents for my…

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