A Novel About A Vampire By Bram Stoker Essay example

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Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” a novel about a Vampire, Dracula, who disrupts the life of Jonathan Harker and his friends and aquaintences seems to turn to a comment on the fears and anxieties of women 's gender and sexuality Such moments as “”why can’t they let a girl marry three men, or as many as want her,” disrupts the idea that Lucy was a the Ideal Victorian Woman. Indeed Dracula can be read as a warning to what will happen to Luc…As early as the fifth chapter of Dracula, the novel registers concerns about women’s sexuallity that seem to stem from the novel’s broader anxities about women’s sexuallity witht the New Woman. Such concerns are not quite resolved by the end of the novel but the death of Lucy is a warning of what will happen to Victorian women who exhibit behavior of the openly sexual New Woman. In Dracula Lucy is made to seem like an ideal Victorian woman. She is praised for her exceptional beauty. Her beauty is focused on throughout the novel. She gets attention from a multitude of men and is proposed to three times in one day. Her attention from these men show that men see perceive her as an ideal Victorian women. In Quincy’s letter to Arthur he describes Arthur as having “won the noblest heart that God has made and the best worth winning.” To men Lucy is the best woman that a man could hope to wed. Quincy also describes Lucy as a “brave girl.” and praises her for her honor to the man she loves when she tells him she cannot accept his proposal. He admires her…

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