A Night Under The Stars Essay

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In our play, “A Night Under the Stars” I played the roll of William, a senior in high school who never got the opportunity to attend the prom until this year. As glorious as this sounds, William had a problem. William did not have anything to wear, and even with access to money for new clothes from his date Elizabeth he still felt the need to have more. William goes out and borrows a very expensive watch from an old friend named Malcom. After this wonderful prom night William realizes he has lost this very expensive watch, and knows he has no way of paying for a new one. After William and his girlfriend Elizabeth go out and borrow all kinds of money from many different people, they finally had enough to replace the watch. Years passed, William grew to be irritable and stubburn at a young age. After finally paying off all his debts, he confronted Malcom about his mistake, all to find out the watch was a replica of the real watch. In our script, Keifer plays Malcom, Shelby plays Elizabeth, Brady plays a cab driver, and Kelsie is our narrator. We struggled getting our script together, it turned out being a more difficult challenge than what we had imagined. This was due to characters needed and characters that weren’t needed that were in the original story. We removed a lot of characters from the original story, but had to add “bystanders” to complete the set. This required Kelsie, Keifer, and Brady to play additional rolls in the play to complete the…

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