A New Restorative Justice Program Essay

1532 Words Apr 21st, 2016 null Page
A year ago on June 6th Earl Ong age 18 swerved into the bike lane and killed 57-year-old Palermo. He was pronounced dead after the accident in Loveland Medical center of the Rockies. Ong says that he was distracted at the wheel and fell asleep. When he woke up tried to avoid a rear accident and swerved into the bike lane resulting in hitting a biker. After the accident rather than getting jail time it was suggested for the use of a new restorative justice program called “Chain Reaction”. He was the first person in this program created by nonprofit Bike Fort Collins and the Larimer Country District Attorney’s office. This programs would be used case by case and in the cases like Ong where there is deep remorse and least aggravating components. In addition, individuals will have to do 100 hours of community service and a donation of 1,500 to a "to a nonprofit bicycle organization and provide proof to the court" as well as the revoke of the license. However, in cases where there was impaired driving the punishment may be harsher. Following the death of the biker a second biker was struck by a dump truck resulting in a second death. The communities outrage resulted in hundreds of bike enthusiasts gathering in the town hall in order to change laws to better ensure the safety of bikers and motorists alike. Today Ong is in varsity football carrying on with his life and his typical good mood wanting to make the most of things. Chain reaction is a perfect example of the…

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