A New Period Of History Essay

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A new period of history is usually characterized by noticeable correlations between the particular major civilizations that are closing that prior era. At the end of the Classical era, the two prominent civilizations known as the Han dynasty of China and the Roman Empire of the Mediterranean dealt with catastrophic declines as they were transitioning into the latter period known as the postclassical era. The events that mark the causations and outcomes of both declines are easily compared, but their distant locations and distinctive cultures inevitably allowed for many differences in the courses of these events to occur. Towards the end of the Classical error the defining civilizations of this period specifically Rome and China started to gradually decline. One of the initial indications of this increasing decline was the political deterioration that continued to enlarge. In the Mediterranean, the Roman emperors progressively became more despotic in their practices and leadership, as one described these depraved rulers as having lustful and cruel habits. There were unclear transfers of power for the throne instigating several internal battles and disputes. Towards the end of the Roman period there were twenty different emperors over a forty-nine year span (Age of the Barracks Emperors) demonstrating the instability within the government at that time. Similarly in China after the celebrated leader Wudi died, the quality of the emperors decreased as they ignored traditional…

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