A New Cultural Identity For African Americans Essay

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“Slavery created a new cultural identity for African Americans”. Of Course blacks were the obvious slaves and slavery was a terrible thing, however all slaves weren’t treated as poorly as everyone may seem to know about. During the years’ interviewers went out to host interviews with ex-slaves about the way they were treated, where they’re from, and how was it like being born into slavery or being captured. There were many interviewees that was from Fairfield County that was a part of slavery in some type of form. Ms. Louisa Davis was an ex-slave that was born in the Catawba River section. During the time of her interview Ms. Davis was 106 years old, she has had her trials and tribulations of many years and managed to survive through them all. Louisa was one the slaves were the master and their mistress didn’t treat them the way you hear about in your history classes. Ms. Louisa was a married slave; her husband was a slave as well that belonged to another plantation owned by the Sloans. As she stated in her interview they didn’t get to see each other as much, and when they did they had to have passes from their masters.When talking about slavery in History classes, we never really get to hear about the opportunities some slaves were allowed to have. On many plantations slaves weren’t treated as poorly, such as the one Ms. Davis worked on. Louisa stated that their master and mistress brought them items for Christmas and allowed them to rest for the remaining of a Saturday…

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