A Neutral, Natural Sciences And History Essay

1872 Words Oct 29th, 2014 null Page
The claim the title presented makes seems to be an obvious one when examined briefly. However, when examining the title closely the language used must be considered, specifically, the key word, “neutral”. A neutral question is an unbiased question that implies neither a specific answer, limits thinking, nor guides it into a predestined train of thought. When examined from this view, it can be said that all questions are asked with a purpose and demand an answer limited to a finite number of answers, and therefore lose their neutrality. A neutral question can also be an objective question that is answered clearly with no deviation and is disengaged from the answer given to it. It can also be a questions based on an examination of facts where only one answer is possible, and since different views must exist for bias to exist, it can be said that such a question would be neutral. These two different ways of viewing a neutral question can present different results when examining the two areas of knowledge, natural sciences and history, where a question’s neutrality can result from its context and the way in which a question is answered. When one views a question and attempts to describe its neutrality, the context and the ideas associated with it should also be considered. Usually when a question is asked, it is built on previous knowledge and has implications and connotations to it. For example, a question as simply as, “how was your day?” can mean different things depending…

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