A Negative Philosophy Of Humans Are All Bad People Essay

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Legalism- A negative philosophy that humans are all bad people. He incorporated this into his laws which had harsh punishments and very little rewards.
Confucianism-Based on Confucius’s thinking that a person could improve. These laws were lighter and led to education reforms improving literacy.
Ban Zhao- Was a female writer who believed in Confucianism and she wanted women to become more educated to live better lives.
Daoism- A belief that people shouldn’t spend time on education but finding inner harmony with nature.
Hinduism- A polytheistic religion which has small statues that each person worships in their own time and has the concept of rebirth.
Vedas - A group of religious scripts containing the earliest Sanskrit literature that Brahmans could read.
Upanishads- Hindu sacred writing which helps with understanding the Vedas.
Moksha- It is the Indian thought of emancipation from the constant cycle of rebirth.
Nirvana- the Buddhist concept of breaking the cycle of reincarnation through meditation.
Siddhartha- He was the founder of Buddhism, he was born to an Indian Kings. He began meditation and wanted to end the suffering of the cycle of reincarnation, in which he found Nirvana.
Theravada- A branch of Buddhism in which practices are more severe and requires constant practices.
Mahayana- A branch of Buddhism in which practices of meditation are less and Buddha is made to be a divine figure.
Bhagavad Gita- Sanskrit verses of the Indian Epic Mahabharata.…

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