A Natural Appreciation For Muscle Cars, Classic Automobiles, Motorcycles Et Al

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Nitro-junkie & Badmotorjam

I have a natural appreciation for muscle cars, classic automobiles, motorcycles et al. I also love movies, and my penchant for these appreciations means life stories are analogous to all things with engines and celluloid. What’s even better is there is never a shortage of stories to tell. Last week’s adventure at the pump was eye opening for me anyway. Yet, I have noticed that whenever someone sticks their neck out to write about the topic of masculinity, some people react more like frozen lug nuts as they stubbornly resist the torque of new information. Fear not, I have neither desire to judge nor justify.

However, writing about the masculine side of sexuality reminds me of trips to an auto parts store. The attendants working the front desk invariably have something to say about what you are trying to mechanically fix. For instance, if you go in for a headlight, bottle of Armor-All and air freshener, you won 't receive much notice. Although they 'll probably shout the name of a fictional auto part over your head. "Hey, Stan! You mind grabbing the decompressor-activator-recompressor while you 're over there?" If you are a novice, the joke’s on you. Now if you are looking for oil change supplies, you might get a single eyebrow slightly raised and a Gettysburg type speech about oil changing frequency and synthetic versus regular oil information. However, if you have a list of parts that require an impressive set of tools, time and robust know-how,…

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