A Narrative Of Captivity And Restoration Of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

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A Narrative of Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson by Mary Rowlandson tells the story of Rowlandson as she is taken into captivity by Native Americans. Rowlandson’s narrative is made up of multiple elements, some being survival, food, religion, and civilization. One of the major elements used throughout the narrative is religion. As religion is a major theme discussed throughout the narrative, Rowlandson’s captivity and the beliefs of Calvinism and redemption are expressed through a similar lens. The theme of religion, more specifically Calvinism and redemption play a key role in the story of Mary Rowlandson’s survival from captivity. Rowlandson uses religion as a coping method to justify being held in captivity. Rowlandson tells a story in which she loses countless family members, faces starvation, and the terror of being killed by the Indians. Rowlandson’s actions throughout the narrative can be portrayed as passive as she deals with the themes of loss and starvation; but it is uncovered throughout the work that Mary’s actions represent moments of agency and power. Though Rowlandson’s narrative initially seems submissive to her captivity; Rowlandson develops a sense of agency through her control of religion, her dominance as a women and her ascension through social class in Native American and Puritan society. Rowlandson uses Calvinism to explain traumatic situations and justify injustices while she is being held in captivity. Rowlandson is violently…

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