A Modest Proposal By Jonathan Swift Essay

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In the piece of literature known as A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift, the author has written a pamphlet about his ideals during the 1600s. In essence, the piece of writing indicates how there are sound methods for turning seemingly poor children within Ireland into members of the community who can potentially be "useful". Swift found that there were a plethora of poor Catholics living in Ireland at the time and unfortunately many families could not afford to feed and properly clothe their children. Therefore, in this proposal, Swift takes a stance and he tries to solve the problem based on his own terms. In this paper well discussion a little back ground of Jonathan Swift, the quality of “A Modest Proposal,” based on certain factors such as techniques used by the author and central arguments. Moreover, there will be a discussion regarding what makes the work unique and the overall impact of the proposal.
What is Unique About the Work that Makes it Worthwhile? A Modest Proposal is worthwhile because the author indicates his worries regarding his community, which is something that has been unheard of during the 1600s. During that time period, people were taught to accept circumstances and to work diligently in order to get through life. While Swift understood this, he was also very aware of the negative situation among Ireland and he wanted to make his voice heard. As a whole, he takes the time to vent to individuals through writing about the politicians, wealthy people…

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