Essay about A Marvel Of Modern Engineering And Design

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Hoai Bui

A marvel of modern engineering and design, V6 engine, front wheel drive, a sleek, black design with a silver trim. My mom’s Lexus RX350 has taken me everywhere. I can still remember the day she bought it. It was like Christmas. I was thrilled to be able to ride in an SUV and we went for a test run. She drove me all around Chanhassen. The car glided across the pavement like an Olympic figure skater on ice, accelerating and decelerating so smoothly, one could hardly feel anything. We drove by every neighborhood and every building in Chanhassen. I had so much fun in my mom’s car.
Whenever I need to go somewhere, nothing is nicer than the warm, black leather seats that recline and support my back like a bed. On cold winter nights, where the temperature is below zero and my limbs are numb, the seats become a warm furnace. The windshield is a barrier that protects me from the buffeting snowfall and icy blasts. It felt safe in the car. I felt cozier than a bear hibernating in its den. The car would hum as it was moving and I would fall asleep listening to its soothing noise.
My mom’s car was also the first car I drove. Receiving my driver’s permit, I was ecstatic to practice in it. I drove her around Lake Anne Park, all over the slick black pavement that wrapped around the park like a black snake. I drove up and down and around every little bump. We felt every mistake that I made. My sharp, unexperienced turns made a “SCREEECH” and my hard brakes made a…

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