A Man 's Life Can Change As It Goes On Essay

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A man 's life can change as it goes on. The novel started out with four men on the ship Lady Vain after it came to a clash. Prendick urged there were only three men; one man drowned, who attempted to join their group. Prendick was not in favor to the idea Helmar had in mind after a few days of being in starvation and thirst. Next morning, he decided to agree to Helmar 's idea. Suddenly, a fight started between the two other men, and Prendick tried to help Helmar. After trying to help, the fight led to both of the men to fall overboard which left Prendick alone. After two days, Prendick rescued, who no longer remember any particular of the event. Being marooned on a remote Pacific island challenged Prendick’s basic physical survival skills, forced him to observe human nature at its nightmarish worst, and motivated him to live a very different life upon his return to civilization.

Prendick improved on being more aware of his surroundings throughout the story. A few after he got rescued from the beach, Prendick did not notice and somewhat became ignorant of his host’s identity and actions. However, after a while, he started to address unusual features of others then suddenly he remembered who Dr. Moreau is and started being more conscious of the details around; he then sees the pointed ears of M’ling. From one observation, it gave him a small idea of what Dr. Moreau could be manipulating. Prendick monitored to make sure what he thought of could be right. Then one day,…

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