A Love Sacrifice : Analysis Of Eveline Essay

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A Love Sacrifice: Analysis of “Eveline”

As the maturing, the decisions between our family and our lovers are intricate; however, home is a place where people land shelter. In 1914, the short story, “Eveline” was published. James Joyce, particularly depictsts a girl, who grows up in a harsh family that she has to take responsibilities for her father, brothers, and sisters, until she meets a dream lover who is a handsome sailor named Frank. Moreover, it is not relaxed to build a bridge to connect her family and her love. The author specifically describes the struggling in the Eveline’s heart through the dilemma situation. At last, she gives up her final opportunity to go with Frank and chooses to sacrifice herself to be with her family because every family is unbroken.
First and foremost, the Eveline’s family is poor and unhappy, and she has an alcoholic father. Now brother left, she only had to take care of the new father, but she still stayed in this family. Unfortunately, when Eveline was a child, she lost the mother and she faced the pressure from life. She does not have a normal childhood life as she took on her mother’s role in her home. In the story, the author states, “She had hard work to keep the house together and to see that the two young children who had been left to charge went to school regularly and got their meals regularly.”(James) Here, we can image the comparison that if her mother was alive, Eveline would able to enjoy the rest of her childhood.…

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