A Lot Of People Die Every Day And Night Essay

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A lot of people die every day and night. Death can come in thousand of ways and we cannot predict when it’s going to happen. As long as theirs human existence there will be death. Death is nothing new to us and neither are the books we have all read How We Die by Sherwin B. Nuland, The Immoralist by André Gide, The Pastoral Clinic Angela Garcia, and The Birth of the Clinic by Michel Foucault. Death doesn’t only leave a cadaver behind but a sense of grief and loss that isn’t replaceable. Going onward with this essay I will be explain this quote and connect it to Foucaults and Garcias text.”… the period in which illness, counter-nature, death, in short, the whole dark upside of disease came to light, at the same time illuminating and eliminating itself like night, in the deep, visible, solid, enclosed, but accessible space of the human body” After that I will talk about the value in the body and medicine, and how did medicine alter (wo)man and the clinical gaze from which (s)he is viewed in and incorporate all the books mentioned above. I will start by explaining the quote mentioned above and what Foucault means by this in relationship to/with the Concept Of Man. I would like to start off with a quote that summarize the quote in an easier way to understand what he was trying to say in the introduction. Foucault said “ What was fundamentally invisible is suddenly offered to the brightness of the gaze, in a movement of appearance so simple, so immediate that it…

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