A Lost Soul And A Mourning Essay

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Drama Paper
In both plays we see a lost soul and a mourning protagonist agonizing over the loss of their fathers demise. Both protagonist Catherine and Hamlet are on the verge of madness and every moment they see their father it seems they creep closer to insanity. But both characters see their father differently. In Hamlet case his father first shows himself to guards as a ghost or a spirit, not communicating, but just haunting them. It is until the guards show Hamlet his father’s ghost that the former king will speak and say onto Hamlet “I am thy father’s spirit; Doom’d for a certain term to walk the night” (Shakespeare 1325). The former king is not only speaking to Hamlet to exchange simple greetings, but rather to discuss his murderer, Claudius. It is at this point where the story shapes around the revenge of Hamlets father. In the story Proof it takes a different route of showing the deceased father, by showing illusions or flashbacks from Catherine’s memory. In one of Catherine illusions her father says “Well. Because I’m also dead. Aren’t I? Heart failure. Quick. The funeral’s tomorrow.” (Auburn 1187). In this quote we understand that Catherine was imagining her father talking to her, showing us that she may become unstable just like her father was. And with each moment we see with Catherine and her father, Robert, we see similarities they may share of madness or of brilliance, creating a story about a daughter possibly following her father’s footsteps. In each play…

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