A Long Distance Away From The Goal Of Gender Equality Essay

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“Women have talent and intelligence, but, due to social constraints and prejudices, it is still a long distance away from the goal of gender equality” (Pratibha Patil). A common misconception that is prominent in numerous modern day ideologies, is that gender does not have as much of an effect on workplace experience as it did several decades ago. This is untrue. “Most occupations remain skewed toward either men or women” (Jacobs 32). This occupational gap is an unmistakable reason for men and women being treated so vastly differently. Many people tend to believe that after women gained the right to vote and became eligible for many workforce positions, women have had just as many opportunities in the workplace as men. It is untrue that over the past two decades, the situation of working women in the United States has improved. This is evident due to ongoing issues pertaining to the gender wage gap, work-family balance, and occupational sex segregation. One major factor that allows for the non improved working situation regarding women over the last two decades is the gender wage gap. While it is true that the wage gap has reduced by twenty cents since 1970 (Blau and Kahn 1), this trend of rapid reduction has dwindled off in the last several decades. There are many factors that could be related to this diminishing trend such as motivation, working conditions, and family responsibilities. However, the most prominent and likely factor is gender discrimination. For decades…

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