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Sopon Electronics is a locally well known electronics brand which is owned by the person Sopon. The brand is well known for the specialised products for charging fan and light. It started its journey in 2010 in Jessore area. In the year of 2011, Sopon Electronics made and launched charging fan with light for the target group basically for the lower class, middle class and the poor people in our country. This product helps the people who do not effort IPS or generator cost or those who do not have any electricity. The moment Sopon Electronics launched their product; they had to create an effective balance in the product, price, place and promotion. These four elements together make the marketing mix, or just the four P’s. To achieve an …show more content…
LEVEL 03: Augmented Product: What additional non-tangible benefits can we offer? Competition at this level is based around sales service, warranties, delivery. In this case the manufacturer or the seller that offers a free one year guarantee on purchase of their fan, gives their customers the additional benefits of “Peace of Mind” over the one year should their purchase develop a fault.


Product Decision: when placing a product within a market many factors and decision have to be taken into consideration. These include:

• Product Design: Sopon Cooling Fan is the new creative mini fan which carries compact, stylish and cute, portable design. It is slim and weight is light. So Light Weight and Slim Design Provides More Room for other Components. Slim design allows the fan to be easily installed in anywhere as well as slim design provides excellent engine.

• Product Quality: Sopon Electronics does not compromise in case of their product quality. The products are made by high quality lightweight plastic durable material. They are using high class Electronic Components. So customers can use their products in long time. Sopon, owner of Sopon Electronics, says,” We are producing the products by our self. So it makes sure we can offer the competitive price and stable quality and1 year warranty for fan motor and light”.

• Product Features: Through the conversation with Sopon

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