A Life Of A Neanderthals Vs Human Lifestyle Essay

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A life of a Neanderthals vs human lifestyle This most popular hominin roamed the earth in the years of 127 to 130 Kya. They had caves they made into their home. There’s this misconception that Neanderthals were least advanced as a result of their appearance. In fact, Neanderthals had a very similar lifestyle to modern humans. Their lifestyle and physical features were beneficial to their survival and unmistakably similar to humans. The skull of any organism is a major piece to the puzzle. The skull can answer questions the hominin can’t answer today. To illustrate The Neanderthal lived in Africa, their skeletal remains were found in Western Europe. A known theory is the Neanderthals left Africa to start a new life in modern day Europe. The skull can determine age, sex, identity, and trauma( Boyd, ). This knowledge is necessary to deduce the life of hominin. The brain capacity of the Neanderthal was much larger than a human. Could this mean the Neanderthal was more skilled than the human? The Neanderthal had to scavenge and hunt for their own food; they didn’t have the luxury of being picky eaters. Unlike modern day, they don’t have the opportunity of going to markets filled with various options. Before they hunted for food they need a means to capture and kill. They became skilled toolmakers from the Mousterian period (Boyd). There is evidence that Neanderthals made tools to hunt for game. Their tools were made of, flakes that were made from striking…

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