A Life Altering Tragedy Of The United States Essay

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When my brother Clint and I were younger living in Honduras, we would spend tremendous amounts of time together, especially at church. When Mass was over, I can remember the echo of the church bells ringing in my ear and friends and family members laughing at us. The church bells would make a sound that mimicked our names, “Cling, Keng, Cling, Keng.” I can remember walking home after playing a grudge match of a soccer game, where one day I came home crying, and the next day he did. Clint is the funniest person you can ever meet, and his jokes never get old even though we did. We were always two polar opposites that often collided, but we love each other as brothers, and he is one of my best friends. If I could have been there to avoid that tragic day, I would have been there in a heartbeat. Clint losing his arm was the worst experience my family ever had to go through. It was a life-altering tragedy that propelled my will to fight for my family, no matter the circumstance. It taught me to always remind those around me that I love them, and that the gift of life is a daily reward that should never take for granted. As time goes by, it becomes a little easier to understand the events that followed that January 7th of 2012. The morning was like any other Saturday morning; Clint was running late to make it to his community service hours at a Culpeper farm. Mom would be on the verge of knocking down the bedroom door, and he would yell “I do not want to go Mom. That place is…

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