Essay on A Library Is The Delivery Room For The Birth Of Ideas

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American political journalist, Norman Cousins, stated “A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.”. Growing up I loved visiting the local library. I loved the smell of the old books, the library’s quiet nooks you can hide away in and go on a big adventure through a novel, and the always helpful librarians sitting behind the desk. When I moved to Evansville and discovered the historic Willard Library I was ecstatic. Willard Library is Indiana’s oldest public library and it is located over on First Avenue. Willard Library is architecturally beautiful and full of history, and does not only have loyal bookworms who pay it visit, but a Grey Lady who haunts its halls. Willard Library is a strong library it may sound weird to define a library as strong, but president of the Finnish Library Association (FLA), Sinikka Sipilä, states in her article “Strong Libraries, Strong Societies” …that the libraries must be seen by their user communities as welcoming safe places, with adequate space and catalogs, staffed by competent and helpful personnel, and providing access to up-to-date resources relevant to their needs including digital content.” (Sipilä,98). Willard has been a strong library in the Evansville community since its completion in the late 1800’s. Willard Carpenter as shown in Figure 1 was a citizen and wealthy businessman of Evansville. Carpenter was not originally from Evansville; he was born in Vermont. Willard eventually…

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