A Letter For A Finance Student At One Of The Most Prestigious Companies

1002 Words Oct 19th, 2015 5 Pages
This letter has one purpose and one purpose only. I’ve received word you are a finance student at one of the most prestigious companies in the world yet don’t know the slightest bit of information on stocks. Simply unacceptable.
Though your first year and a half at college is spent taking general education classes, understanding equity before specialized classes start will not only give you an advantage but will also allow you to see if it really does interest you.
Where do I begin? I suppose by covering stocks in general.
How amazing would it be to a wealthy business owner without ever having to start a business or show up to work once? Simply relax, enjoy life, and watch the money roll in.
Too good to be true? Only in your dreams?
No and no. The key to living this lifestyle is owning stocks.
The stock market may seem simple from the outside looking in, yet is in reality a very complex and ever changing market. Up until the few most recent decades the public showed little interest in stocks. Advances throughout the decade have made buying and selling shares more available to the general public.
You’re not alone Chris, very few people truly understand stocks. A vast majority of what is learned is through tertiary information, meaning a person heard another person say to invest in a certain stock. Its important to entertain this information, but not act entirely upon it. The stock market is without a doubt one of the most useful instruments for generating an income. With…

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