A Lesson On Understanding Youth Culture Essay example

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Understanding Youth Culture
A Lesson on Understanding Youth Culture

PURPOSE: Youth leaders will learn how to better understand the youth culture by learning key components that make up a majority of their culture.

GOAL OF THE SESSION: Youth leaders will have a roundtable interview with their small groups and ask them what it is like to be an adolescent in today’s day and age.



The purpose in showing that video, is to help you realize that trying to fit in with today’s youth and culture is not a way to connect with them, because then you will end up looking like Dwight trying to do a magic trick and it back firing on him. What we need to do instead is UNDERSTAND rather than trying to fit in and be like them. Youth living in today’s culture are one of a kind. Even though we were their age once, we have never experienced the difficulties and pressures they have and are experiencing in today’s society. For example: violence, shootings, magazine covers, social media, media influences, and graphic images all influence today’s youth in a negative way. It is hard for youth this day and age to develop into strong and healthy Christians due to the influences around them. As volunteers, we need to understand and learn things about their culture so we can help them through their life journey.

1. Technology Culture
One thing to keep in mind with today’s culture, is that technology…

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