A Leader, An Effective Leader Essay

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As a leader, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of one’s personal construct. There are considerations that are necessary for balancing the professional and the personal identity. The business personal construct is composed of leadership qualities. When in the business setting, this is the persona that utilizes the aspects of an effective leader. In in the personal identity, this is the persona that encompasses qualities that are rooted in friends, family and other roles. The constructs and roles of my life will be examined.
Social Identity
Born in New York, as a African American woman with a distinctive personality, my social identity for business encompasses the constructs entail leadership, team player, problem solving, competitive, risk taker and ambitious. The leadership construct is characterized by my natural tendencies to promote the advancements of others by being an active participant in the business process. According to Lam, Xu, and Chan (2015), participative leadership is effective as the leader is actively sharing information with the team. With this leadership style, I am able to use problem solving for advancing the team as a collective whole. My competitive nature is conducive to moving the company forward with some risk taking involved. These qualities allow me to be a responsive leader with the ability to collaborate on advancing in the industry. All these qualities results in my ambitious nature. According to Ruder and Ernest…

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