A Late Adulthood And Death Essay examples

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Late Adulthood and Death Late adulthood and death are our last parts of life and be filled with joy, love, and laughter, like any other time of our lives. We learn the importance of life, relationships, health, and the acceptance of death.
Like any other age group, gender, or race there are false assumptions about old age; like they are cranky and dependent. These stereotypes are often found from ageism. Ageism is a form of prejudice in which people are categorized and judged solely based on their chronological age. The stereotypes of old age are common in late adulthood; people assume that adults in old age are mostly put in homes, are cranky and weak, and often break hips. These ageist ideas often leave adults in old age with low self-esteem and feeling incompetent. These stereotypes also lead younger generations to fear old age. They do not want to become weak and bored in retirement. People often will get surgeries and skin treatments to avoid looking old. The truth is, growing old is hardly a bad thing. As they say, with age comes wisdom. Old age is considered sixty years and above. At sixty, you can be entering retirement, traveling, and still be very healthy. Most of the time in early old age you still have your memory, hearing, eyesight, and energy. It is not until a later period, like after age eighty, that some of these things might happen. In late old age you might become more fragile and have more health problem, but even then, old age does not…

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