A Journey Into The Death World Essay

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Prior to reading chapter three in the text A Journey into the Death World, I always thought that Deaf babies had a more difficult time growing up in terms of their developmental milestones. Reading this chapter I found out that there are more similarities than differences among them and their hearing counterparts. They went through the normal babbling sounds and other processes that the hearing ones went through. As hearing people we all tend to think that there is something wrong with a child that is Deaf, and they need fixing. The only disadvantage in my opinion that a Deaf child has is when he or she is born to a hearing family is the fact that it takes longer for the child to learn ASL; because the parents most of the times used gestures in order to communicate with them. As we read in chapter 2 Deaf parents can immediately communicate with their children. In Chapter one for example, Jake had an advantage over Laurel and the others because his parents were Deaf so he learned ASL at an early age compared to the others who did much later in life. One thing that amazed me is when the author mentioned that a Deaf child can sign pronouns for all the three persons by age two. I found that really fascinating because people who speak English as an adult has problems with the three persons pronouns and for a Deaf child do be able to sign them is incredible. In my opinion they have an advantage over the hearing counterparts. This in another point where I feel that there is no…

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