A Interview At An Alcoholics Anonymous ( Aa ) Meeting At The 12 Step Club

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I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting, held Wednesday at the 12 Step Club, located inside the Yard Birds mall, in Chehalis Washington. I had gone down the day earlier in the week to make sure I knew all the logistics, where, when and how long it would take, whether or not it was an open meeting, and so forth. The room was in a shopping complex the size of a small mall (305,00 square feet to be exact), and the room itself looks like it had retained the furniture and paint from when it was originally constructed forty-five years ago. Frankly it looked cold, old and moldy, with bleak, dirty, concrete block walls. The gentleman I talked to had long pony-tailed grey hair down his back, of an age impossible to determine, was washing dishes in the cafe attached to the meeting room, and he was wearing a dirty white tee-shirt, and a white apron wrapped around his waist. Collectively, this was my first impression of what I believed I could expect from the meeting on Saturday. After all, Centralia itself is not exactly what I would consider clean, or modern either one. I wondered then, if this was just the area, or intentional to be non-descript, and therefore non-intimidating, or if it would even pass notice or matter to the people who attend the meeting.
When I went to the meeting, I expected to have to repeat my spiel of being a graduate student/observer, but this was not necessary. I was met at the meeting room by a greeter, offered free coffee, and instructed to take a…

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