Essay about A Interview About The Filipino Spaniard

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The Filipino-Spaniard The Philippines were conquered once by the Spaniards, gaining independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. "So even though we might be a South East Asia community, we are so different from any other Asians or people in the region, it’s like we belong somewhere else. We are mutts, they look at us like we are mutts", says the source, whose name is not being mentioned for confidentiality reasons. The interview setting was in her house, so she would be comfortable and familiar with the place, just as I was comfortable and familiar with it; there was no distractions, everything was so peaceful and adequate. I was so nervous, yet I believe my nervousness was due to my excitement as well, but once the interview started a joke was enough to break the ice. The interviewed person, the main source throughout this interview, is the president of the Filipino American Association of El Paso, otherwise known as FAAP. FAAP holds strong Philippine cultural values and traditions, and puts these to practice in the community, allowing local Filipinos to keep in touch with their roots. Through this interview, I learned so much about distinct symbols and characteristics that directly represent the Filipinos’ cultural identity. Some of the most remarkable moments were when the interviewee mentioned how family and religion are both big symbols of unity for her culture, and how utterly important is it that they follow their traditions and values. In a Filipino household for…

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