A Hybrid Database Management System Essay

902 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
The model in this project is a hybrid database management system, a hybrid database system means that it is a system that supports both in-memory and on-disk data storage. The main purpose of using a hybrid database management system is the need of high database performance with small in- memory footprint that only it provides. This architectural design additional features, for example, durability, low costs for on-disk database management systems. In short, the architecture of this hybrid system uses local hard drives for retaining and saving the data, yet makes use of the cloud technology for more storage and backup as well as memory for data in dynamic use to increase overall database management system performance and security. The overall benefit of this database system is flexibility, there is a balance between cost, performance and persistence. For this project, it implements the idea of the hybrid database management system by using two technologies, Big Data and No-SQL for this design.
This project is example based to demonstrate the architecture design and how the two technologies integrate together to archive the project goal, of what are Non-relational database systems are and how to integrate it into a Big Data cloud solution. The project implements a custom Customer Relationship Management system. In this solution, we use top-notch technologies, the latest and most referenced in the market today: For NoSQL databases, MongoDB; for distributed computation and…

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