A Hour At Beacon And Enduring A Three Hour Essay

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After attending his first class at Beacon and enduring a three-hour, boring lecture from one of Professor Port’s lessons, Ash walked wearily through the hallways, hoping to meet up with Team RWBY in the Dining Hall. He had to stay behind an extra hour after Professor Port caught him sleeping during the lecture. The veteran Huntsman scolded the young teen for not taking his studies seriously, but he decided to give the latter a break since it was his first day, so instead he gave him an additional lecture for his trouble.
‘What a day…’ Ash thought with a tired sigh, completely exhausted with all the learning he endured in the last four hours of his life. All he wants now is something to fill his empty stomach.
"Please, stop. I don’t want any trouble." a voice belonged to a female pleaded up ahead.
"Huh?!" Ash glances forward and notices a commotion taking place in the distance. There were four male students surrounding around a female student, mocking her and treating her harshly.
"Please, stop!" one male with a shaved head and a light-green mohawk mocked, mimicking the girl’s voice.
"I don’t want any trouble." another male with long, combed back, dark blue hair mocked, as well.
"Such a Faunus." A squinty-eyed teen snorted with a cold tone of voice.
"You Faunus are all the same-" a teen with burnt-orange hair ridiculed the poor girl harshly, who had long brown hair and a pair of noticeable rabbit ears on her head. Her brown eyes were shedding tears as they were streaming…

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