Essay about A High School Is Going At Institute A New Curriculum

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A high-school is going to institute a new curriculum, which, if effective, will increase the pro- portion of students who are adequately prepared to attend university. If ineffective, however, it will decrease the proportion of college ready students. The Principal (she) of the school is responsible for choosing a grading policy: a (possibly noisy) assessment of each student’s ability. The University (he), after observing applicants’ grades, admits students who are sufficiently likely to be adequately prepared. The Principal wants to maximize the number of students who are accepted to a university. This paper seeks to understand, from the vantage of a general framework, what is the Principal’s optimal grading mechanism and how does it depend on the uncertainty regarding the efficacy of the new curriculum? Moreover, given this optimal strategy, does the University (or any other outside observer, for that matter) eventually learn whether the curriculum is effective. Next, I examine what happens if the Principal is privately informed about the efficacy of the new curriculum, and can design her grading policy conditional on this information. Finally, I ask, if given the choice between private and public evaluation of the curriculum, which does the Principal prefer; that is, before learning if the curriculum works, would the Principal prefer the outcome of the evaluation be made pubic?
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