A Harlem Family By The Fontenelle Family Essay

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Eastwood and Harlem, both small neighborhoods in America, are weighed down by the world’s view of them; poor, predominantly black, violent and in need of “help” (Ralph 9). In Renegade Dreams, Ralph tells the story of activists, gang leaders, patients and teenagers while constantly refusing to portray them as victims. He gives us a glimpse into Eastwood, “a community that was battered but far from beaten.” Caught in the bonds of racism and poverty, the Fontenelles appeared Parks’ article A Harlem Family, in Life Magazine. Through his photography Parks shows families within a community facing interlocking political and economic problems. With examples from Ralph’s Renegade Dreams and Parks’ The Fontenelle Family, I use Feminist theorist, Marylyn Frye’s birdcage analogy of oppression to show how the intersection between statistics, institutional power, unstable politics and poor economy cause oppression and injury. Frye claims in her article Oppression that women are "caught between systematically related pressures" (Frye 3). The situation faced by Eastwoodians and the Fontanelles can also be interpreted using Frye 's birdcage metaphor through which she explains that women are tied down by a "network of systematically related barriers" (Frye 5) similar to the way networks of wires in a cage inhibit a bird from flying. Her…

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