Essay on A Greek Tragedy

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In 1942, undertakings akin to a Greek tragedy ensued within the confines of the East European Theatre of the Second Great War. Moreover, what one comprehends when uttering Stalingrad is not merely a fabled epic of an all-encompassing crusade, but rather the indomitable will of two historic despots, unwavering against the supervening chaos. In verity, that is in actuality an inadequate parable that simply breeds further delusion of the genuine basis behind the assault on Stalingrad. In contemporary times, it is heralded as fact when one avows that Hitler’s purpose for the aforementioned incursion was because it was named after Joseph Stalin. Granted that the Führer’s arrogance (or perchance ignorance) did reverberate throughout Operation Barbarossa, the principal aim was actually the rich oil fields south of Stalingrad. If conquered, Russian oil would have fueled the depleted German war machine. Likewise, Stalingrad being a chief line of communications, and an industrial driving force precipitously producing armaments, would have fashioned it to be an essential accolade and a propaganda tool for the Nazi party. Before one commences to evidently elucidate on the precise purpose of the German raid, they must demystify the long-standing myth. Presently, it is has become quite conventional to attribute the Battle of Stalingrad upon the inanity of Adolf Hitler. Nevertheless, although one could surely accentuate the irrational German command during the winters in Russia, one ought…

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