A Government Tax On Sugary Soda Essay

1506 Words Feb 13th, 2016 null Page
Audience: My audience is pro or undecided about a government tax on sugary soda. They are between 18-50+ years of age, and belong to no particular gender, social class, or religion. They are generally politically conservative, republican, and are for government regulations. They value health and fitness and believe in government regulations. They have at least a high school education and reside in the United States. On average Americans drink one gallon of soda a week, which translates to roughly over 1,000 empty calories, explains Barbara Kivita a Ph.D. student in Sociology and Social Policy in her peer reviewed article “Tax and Sip” (1). She also states that more Americans are drinking soda, and the amount of soda being consumed is more than 500 percent over the past 60 years (Kivita 1). Americans are drinking a lot of soda which is believed to be the cause for the growing obesity in our country and other health epidemics. How do we stop the growing unhealthy rates and get America back on track to being healthy? The road to being healthy starts with a tax on sugary soda. Researchers have already proven that sugary soda effects our health in many different ways, and (along with sugary drinks) is one of the main contributors, along with overeating that has caused a spike in overweight children. Many are skeptical that a tax on sugary soda will effect our growing epidemic in any way, however with new research and many cities/countries trying a sugar tax, it will deem…

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