Essay about A Government And It 's Nation

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A Government and it’s Nation How much should a nation rely on its government? The debate about who should receive help from the U.S government has been raging on for years. There are already several types of government programs currently set in place that provide “handouts” to those in need of help. Opposers of many of these programs claim that people take advantage of them, become lazy and rely on their government too heavily, or certain individuals are put out because they do are considered a minority, but are more qualified for the job. Regardless of people’s issues with programs like social welfare, minority set asides, affirmative action, and promotional practices, when taking everything into account, they can still be used to further growth in the nation -if they are used correctly. The main conflict people have with social welfare is the fear that people who receive help from the government will become lazy and will not know how to provide for themselves. While this is a very real fear, there are some steps that can be taken to make sure a government-relying mentality does not progress. Social welfare should not be abolished completely, as it is crucial for society to function, but should have heavier requirements. Why should everyone stop receiving help only because some take advantage of it? According to an FAQ on equal opportunity, discrimination is still a very real issue today in America:
“. . . women earn approximately 77 cents for every dollar men…

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