A Good Habit Is Not Being Thankful For The Magnificent Gift Of Salvation

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Our lesson this week starts off with a discussion about a very bad habit we have of not being thankful for the magnificent gift of salvation that we have received from Jesus Christ.
If we ever stop and think about being so ungrateful for the great gift of salvation that Jesus made available to us we can review a biblical account that will make us stop and think that we aren’t the only ones who have failed to thank Jesus for some wonderful gift he gave them.
Jesus gave ten men that He encountered while walking along a country road a gift whose immense value to them would have been worth more than a mountain of gold.
None of us could even imagine the terrible life that these ten men were forced to exist in daily.
When an illness strikes one of us the very first thing we would do would be to turn immediately to family, friends, doctors, nurses.
These people would immediately rush you directly to the nearest hospital where you could begin receiving compassionate care, you would be comfortable surroundings and treatments would start that would hopefully heal you.
Can you imagine instead if you became ill?
Instead of compassionate care you were forced to fend for yourself?
Instead of compassionate care you were forced to face your illness alone and starving.
Instead of receiving helpful treatments you were in constant agonizing pain, you were cast out, you became homeless and destitute.
The society that you lived in even passed laws that are described in Leviticus 13:45-46.…

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