Essay on A Future For Space Travel

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Creating a Definitive Future for Space Travel Explorers during the Age of Discovery can sympathize with the notion that exploring new frontiers present difficulties far beyond that explorer’s eagerness to travel. We as a society may not bear the complete awareness yet; however, space exploration is an obstacle that humanity must seriously contemplate as we finally commit to the idea that our resources will not last forever. Years ago, but up until now, if the average person proposed leaving a traceable footprint in the heavens they would be greeted with dumbfounded glares and smirks in all directions. However, the scientific community has changed, and recent attempts to travel into outer space have caused scientists and columnists like Theo Emery, author of “The Uncertain Future of Private Space Travel,” to question whether private organizations or the government should back the responsibility of funding space travel. A government of the people, made by the people, and for the people has the simple purpose of sustaining the society. Considering this, extending humanity’s influence into the stars is a task made for a government looking for a definitive future for its people.
The complicated, burgeoning form of space travel we know today arrived when German scientists took the first effort toward sending an artificial object to the cosmos during World War II. Testing their V-2 rocket, Germany accomplished its launching of the first manmade object to space on October 3, 1942.…

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