Essay on A Friend And Co Worker At The Illinois Federation Of Techers

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Fred Kautsky is my friend and co-worker at the Illinois Federation of Techers. We been working together for about twelve years, we sit by each other in the same office space. Fortunately, Fred consented to share his life biography with me to write for my class assignment. I believe that he has a very interesting life to share. Fred has very strong work ethics, and he is a very true person who can be trusted. He has a very likeable personality and he has a generous heart. Fred enjoys music from all different genres; that he shares with us his collection of cd’s. Fred and his wife Alice have traveled to China, Paris, England, Germany, and other European countries. Fred is an expert when it comes to history events, when you ask him a question about history he has special way of explaining the events to you, I find myself wanting to research and explore more about the subject. I learned from Fred that learning is something that you shouldn’t give up on, because every day is a new learning experience. I feel that Fred’s life is a very good comparison to the explanation of the System Perceptive, and the concepts that back up the theory.
SYSTEM PERCEPTIVE THEORY Systems Perceptive is part of the developmental theory, is useful for understanding human behavior. Social systems serve particular functions, the family being the fundamental social system with the meaning of socializing and caring for its members. Communication is an important role in families to be able to…

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