A Few Good Men By Aaron Sorkin Essay

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A Few Good Men was written by Aaron Sorkin and it is about a lawyer trying to defend two marines accused of murder. The two marines claimed to have received an order to discipline another marine and killed him in the process. The lawyer, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, then has to gather evidence for this claim and eventually get Colonel Jessep to state he gave the marines the order. The story encompasses many factors of obedience to authority and peer pressure and shows what can happen when orders are followed blindly. Many experiments and studies have taken place to explain why people follow orders even if it might violate their morals and result in someone getting hurt. One of these experiments is Stanley Milgram’s experiment covered in his article “The Perils of Obedience” where he had subjects shock others for providing an incorrect answer to a question. Another notable experiment is one where a single subject mixed with a group of actors were asked a series of questions. In this experiment, the actors gave obviously wrong answers and the point was to see if the subject would join them or not in also giving incorrect answers. Solomon E. Asch wrote about this experiment in his article “Opinions and Social Pressure.” Ian Parker wrote “Obedience” which provides some feedback on Milgram’s experiment and some other factors as to why people acted the way they did in his experiment. These articles can help to discern why certain characters in the movie committed acts that went…

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