A Far Cry From Africa, By Derek Walcott And ' Lady Lazarus Essay

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Both “A Far Cry From Africa,” by Derek Walcott and “Lady Lazarus,” by Sylvia Plath convey the theme of violence throughout their lines. Violence being the main theme of these poems, in addition to the same period that the poems were written in, give the readers the opportunity to closely compare the differences of them, and obtain a clearer image of violence during the same era but through different sets of eyes. Both poems concentrate on intense internal and external violence with a sense of sympathy to their writers’ personal life experiences. Moreover, the vivid imagery of violence that both writers use in their poems immerses the readers into imagining the incidents pretty closely. Even though both of these poems express the theme of violence intensely, the reasons of it are different in each poem. Derek Walcott views his homes of Africa and England as enemies and the issue here seems that he loves them both. Walcott in “A Far Cry From Africa,” is trying to figure out his devotion, and to which home he would be loyal, the conquered Africa or the conqueror England. As we are reading through the poem, we can kind of figure out the tone of the poem being sad and sorrow right from the beginning of it. “Corpses are scattered through a paradise. Only the worm, colonel of carrion, cries: ‘Waste no compassion on these separate dead!’”
The violence that is being presented in this poem seems to be an external violence due to the invasion that was made by another country.…

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